How to use Social Media for Event Marketing

Sounds simple to me but many may not realize just how beneficial social media can be when marketing events. One reason I chose to not only pursue a Marketing degree, but pursue one with a focus in social media is that I feel there is so much to do with it, and so many ways in which social media can truly help grow a business. For something that is free to use, social media can be more beneficial for small businesses than many other marketing methods. Don’t let it be your only marketing effort – when matched with other forms of marketing social media can expand your reach and bring in more and more consumers every day.

1. Create a Video People will want to Share.
Is this an event you may have done in the past? Perhaps a video of the previous event would really help your efforts. The Zumba classes I take are from a studio that does many “Outside the Box” events such as Zumba on the beach, events at local clubs, and even combinations events with snow tubing followed by Zumba. The great thing is that the teachers tape some of these events and will post them on their social media accounts. These will get people talking, thinking, and most of all – sharing! These videos can be used again when the next event comes around. If you can create an attention grabbing video that quickly displays the overall theme of your event you may get an expanded reach you never thought possible.

2. Give Away Tickets to Create Buzz
I’m sure you’ve seen businesses posting on their social media how to possibly win tickets to an event – I know I have. Creating a buzz over the idea of winning anything – such as tickets to an event that you’d normally have to buy – will engage users of all markets. It’s important to get your users to share this information as well – perhaps something like, “Want to win tickets to the concert Friday night? Comment below and be sure to share this status to tell all your friends how they can enter!”

3. Create an event on Facebook
A Facebook event listing provides an easy way for attendees to share your event with their friends. Your Facebook fans who attend will share this information – and maybe their friends would benefit from joining too! This page is also used as a hub for questions and updates. Need to change the date? An easy post on the event page will notify all those who are invited of the change. Maybe someone has a question about the exact time the event begins – they can ask it here. Be sure to encourage attendees to visit your Facebook Event Page to see who else is attending.

Check out more ways to utilize social media for events here!

I’m excited to see the daily changes to how social media is being utilized for personal and business uses. What started out as a way to keep in touch with friends and classmates has quickly evolved into something so much bigger. Be smart and make sure you are always presenting your company in the mos professional way possible.

Oh and just a word to the wise – be sure you are careful about who you allow to post on your company accounts. Many companies will allow employees to post on the company Twitter – especially when it comes to events and daily activities. When trusting these people with the company login information, you need to be sure they understand how important it is to maintain the image of the company. I’ve heard horror stories of employees and even management accidentally posting things on the company account that was meant for their personal account. We all know how confusing it can be juggling multiple social media sites – so just make sure you are careful, and that you emphasize this to your employees.

Now go – start another work week. Enjoy your Monday. 🙂


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