Maximize Your LinkedIn Usage!

Well – back to something more professional this time around. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and I felt it would be best to come back with something helpful.

One common obstacle I see in today’s marketing world is – how to use social media marketing to marketing business to business. We all know how easy it can be to reach consumers in social media, but what about other businesses? Not all businesses have a Facebook page that is strictly used to contact other businesses. Most pages are used to get new prospective consumer clients to know and recognize their brand. So what can a company use to reach out to their business customers? One great tool is LinkedIn!

Have you visited LinkedIn lately? The website has gone through changes in the recent past. Everything from navigation to the overall look of the site received a makeover, and I have to say – I’m liking it! LinkedIn is trying to become the Facebook for business to business organizations. It’s also a great tool in searching for jobs and allowing potential new employers see your virtual resume. There are places for you to post your employment history, educational history, certifications, etc. My blog is linked to my profile so that I can reach readers from all different sites.

But back to the business aspect – There are books you can get on how to really use LinkedIn to your advantage. But what I’m here to tell you are a few quick tips on how you can maximize your LinkedIn presence to gain new clients and profit!

First – does your company have a LinkedIn page? Get one! They are free to start. Every employee should also have a LinkedIn page so that they can link themselves to the business account. This shows prospective clients who works there and can allow them to put a face with the name.

Once you get all of the start-up processes out-of-the-way, set up a weekly routine and stick to it! You need to promote new content through your company page, and through LinkedIn groups. Groups are a great way to network with other people in your industry, or in your target market. Don’t just join – participate! Post comments and reply to other posts as often as you can. Make your presence known! Make sure you check out the LinkedIn Answers section – search your industry and answer as many questions as you can. You want to be seen as an expert in your field, and LinkedIn answers is a great tool to make that happen! Spending time each week on LinkedIn can help expand your reach, and build your audience! Don’t waste time, use it wisely! Spending a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of around 15-17 hours per week will be best. Budget your time out depending on your organization’s needs.

You can read more on how to optimize your LinkedIn presence here.

Tailor your online marketing to which market you are aiming to reach. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + all have unique followers. You may reach different markets on each site. You need to make sure you are making each profile different and doing everything you can to maximize your efforts. If you put in the right amount of time in the right way, you can have a successful Marketing campaign with high ROI.



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